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Country House

Country House was born from the passion of Emanuele Moriconi for horses. Passion that over the years has become a true professional activity.

Whoever arrives at the Country House finds a rustic environment, where is possible easily to touch the rhythms and situations of a countryside that you do not expect so close to Rome.

Country House offers horses for all levels, from beginner  to experienced riders who want to experience a bit of adrenaline in the blood.

Those who still do not feel secure to face a true walk will be able to do the "baptism of the saddle" in the field within the riding hall itself.

All activities promoted by the Country House can be subject to change or be canceled at any time for situations of objective impossibility or danger.

Horses are assigned exclusively by Emanuele based on the experience of who will have to ride them.

Those who want to be informed of our initiatives can subscribe to the mailing list from the contact section.


The activities of the

Country House



Equestrian activities take place mainly in the area of the Agricultural University of Castel Madama. These are hundreds of hectares of woodland and hillside where it is forbidden to enter any motorized vehicle and where it is not difficult to meet wild animals.

This environment allows a wide variety of itineraries with different difficulties without ever reaching extreme situations. In any case, we always try to form homogeneous groups of amazons and riders.

The duration varies from a minimum of less than a couple of hours to the full day.




The Mountain Trail is a relatively new discipline, at least in Italy, in which the horse-rider combination must overcome a number of obstacles that in fact present almost always difficulties that can be encountered during any country walk.

For example, trunks, small turns, forced passages and more.

Country House offers its customers a field that  hosts a run of the Lazio Regional Championship.




Horse trekking are also organized on request of our customers. Normally, these are a bit more demanding than horse riding but organized so as to allow "no expert riders" to live an unforgettable experience.

Common habit is the Campaegli area in the Simbruini Mountains Park. Places we all or almost saw because of the scene of the most beautiful scenes of the Trinity series.

Obviously a minimum of "adaptability" is required to the natural context in which you are.

With the beautiful season, new, less challenging itineraries will be opened, even without having to carry horses.




Another aspect that is handled by the Country House is training.

During the year, stages and other training events are organized on various topics and aspects of country horse riding.

Very interesting and fun were those on the natural ride and approach to the Mountain Trail.

For this year we will try to enrich the calendar with even more interesting initiatives.


Country moments


Reaching the Country House is very easy.

From any direction you should take the A24 motorway and exit at Castel Madama.

Once you leave, take the SP 33a, Via Empolitana, towards Ciciliano, Gerano, San Vito ... in short NO towards Tivoli.

You will travel about 3 km and you will find the Country House on your right.

If you want to set the navigator the coordinates are:


DMS System (deg, min, sec)

41°57'41.7"N  -  12°53'11.9"E

DG System (decimal deg)

Lat 41.9615833  -  Lon 12.8866388

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